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To place an order for any of our uniform items, please speak to the Head Coach at your child's session. All uniform must be paid for at the time of placing your order. 

When purchasing shorts, please specify the name and image you would like created on the back. Almost any image can be created, some ideas include flowers, butterflies, horses, stars, hearts. Please ask your Head Coach for other ideas!

Club leotard

Size 24-32 = £30.00 / 34-38 = £36.00

Personalised shorts




Photo 16-02-2019, 14 00 48.jpg

Personalised t-shirt in Pink or Blue


Personalised t-shirt in pink or blue

(Picture above in blue - boys logo)


Photo 16-02-2019, 14 01 59.jpg

Personalised t-shirt in pink or blue


Photo 16-02-2019, 13 54 51.jpg

Personalised jumper


(Picture above in Pink - Girls logo)

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