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Coronavirus Update

After all the recent updates from the government and the closure of all schools we have had to make the very hard decision to close the gym club as of Friday 20th March. This has come with great sadness to us but feel that the safety of our staff and all our members as well as their family’s have to come first. We believe here at Fit4Fun that if all of us work together to stay home and stay safe we can help to beat this virus.

This step is going to come at great financial strain to the club and all involved so at this time we are asking if you can be patient and stick with us, so we can work together to get through this, come out the other side and eventually get back to normal.


Regards to fees we would like to ask that we still take next months payment as scheduled to allow us to be able to pay all our staff their wages for March and cover all hire costs. We will then freeze all payments from then on until further notice (So please don’t worry there is no need to cancel memberships) The months fees that you will have paid will then be used to cover your child’s classes when we return.


The current situation regards to Covid-19 and governments advice is changing daily. At present we feel that we will more than likely be closed for the whole of April but will keep you informed as much as possible and we let you know as soon as we can of our return date. If anyone has any questions regards to any of the above please feel free to drop us an email.


Finally please take care and stay safe and we look forward to seeing you on our return.

All classes are currently closed but we can  still be reached by any of the methods below or via this website. 
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Jenny 07956 417118 / Amy 07931 286409